salterrae Intimate CBD Oils for couples.

The SalTerrae Mission

SalTerrae was born to enhance intimate experiences and bring higher levels of wellbeing, happiness, and fulfillment into people’s lives.

Salterrae CBD Intimate Oils

We believe intimacy is a crucial part of a healthy relationship. Our vision is for all beings to create space to cultivate a deep intimacy with themselves and others, using their senses.

Our intentionally crafted organic products, awaken and excite sensual, playful energy and inspire meaningful connections and invite pure, joyful pleasure.

We prioritize honesty, quality, transparency, and sustainability. We aim to make everything we do feel good for the SalTerrae community and the planet.

Our Values

At SalTerrae, intimacy is inclusive. We create products for everybody.

We are driven by pure love and respect for our diverse local and global communities.


  • Organically farmed hemp
  • Ethical processing
  • GMP compliant
  • 3rd party testing, certificate of analysis
  • Linen boxes and pamphlets
  • Made in the USA


  • Becoming whole
  • Cultivating togetherness
  • Embracing diversity
  • Maintaining accessibility
  • Honoring family
  • Collaboration
  • Enjoyed by humans of all ages, races, identities, and orientations


  • Increased fulfillment 
  • Awakening sensuality
  • Inviting sexy, playful excitement
  • Positive intimate experiences
  • Sensual stimulation enhanced by scent, touch, and texture 
  • Maintaining joy + passion in relationships

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