Essential oils have been long known for their supportive and nurturing qualities, but did you know they can also be used to boost intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom?

Our sense of smell is closely tied to the emotional triggers in our brain. 

You know how the smell of a specific perfume or flower or food can bring you right back to the original memory?

Certain scents can also boost your emotional well-being and your sexual energy.

With the right combination of aphrodisiac scents and sensual methods of delivery, your heightened pleasure and deeper physical intimacy can be closer than you think.

Which essential oils increase pleasure and intimacy? 

There are no right or wrong oils when it comes to enhancing pleasure, but there are some oils with inherent aphrodisiac qualities. 

Here are a few of our favorite pleasure and intimacy boosting scents: 

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a sensual, floral aphrodisiac oil. Known to inspire creativity, calm tension, and elevate sexual energy. Using Ylang Ylang in the bedroom can encourage feelings of bliss and euphoria.


An uplifting and arousing oil, Jasmine seeks to increase feelings of balance, confidence, and pure positivity. Jasmine can brighten your outlook and ground you in the present moment -- both of which are essential feelings to increase pleasure. 

Clary Sage

A soothing and calming oil known to increase sexual desire and decrease inhibitions. Clary Sage has a woody and herbal scent, helping you deepen your embodied connection and encourage intimacy.


Cinnamon brings instant warmth and spice wherever it is used. An energizing and warming oil, Cinnamon arouses the senses and invites playful, passionate intimacy. Cinnamon encourages deeply confident, relaxing, and pleasurable experiences.


Lavender is relaxation’s best friend. The soothing, herbal tones of lavender are known to enhance clarity, focus, and emotional balance -- creating a blissful state for slow and sensual intimate experiences. 

Now, how do you use those oils in the bedroom?

Oils can be introduced into your intimate experiences by using them aromatically or topically.

Using essential oils aromatically -- in a diffuser, a homemade spray or otherwise inhaled -- will reach the brain first, and signal responses from the body. The aromatic methods are a low-touch way to set the mood.

If you’re looking for more direct and high-touch (read: very intimate) delivery, diluting essential oils with carrier oil will allow you to use them topically.

Oils used topically are perfect for partner massage, self-massage, sensual contact, playful exploration of the body, and enhancing physical intimacy.

We encourage you to experiment with all different scents and methods until you find the different combinations that hit your senses in just the right way. 

The SalTerrae experiences, Allure, Desire and Passion, were intentionally blended with pleasure inducing essential oils, broad spectrum hemp extract oil, pure carrier oils and terpenes to set different moods.

Applied topically, Passion brings sultry and warm energy. Allure is electrifying with warming and cooling sensations. Desire dances with intoxicating euphoria.

For the playful soul, The SalTerrae Trio Box will help you explore all three experiences of pleasure and intimacy.

Are you ready to play?