• Surrender to Pure Intimacy – Intimate Oils for Pleasure, Play & Connection

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"The true magic of the SalTerrae oils is in their ability to slow you down and bring you instantly into your body."

"My experience with Salterrae oils has been amazing! As a male, using them has expanded the intimate experience allowing for fun exploration yet meaningful connection. Thank you Salterrae!”

"I've used the oils for intimate and non-intimate experiences (I LOVE Allure as a relaxing neck rub!) and every time, the scent, texture and energy of the oils give me permission to just be where I am -- to relax and feel more."

“Wow! Loving the SalTerrae intimate massage oils! Great fresh scent and they feel very soft and silky! Adds a new element to my intimate experience.”

"I was introduced to the SalTerrae line of intimate oils about a year ago and they have brought so much fun and joy to my life."

Promote joy and fulfillment into your most intimate relationships as you awaken and excite your sensual, playful energy.

At SalTerrae we prioritize honesty, quality, transparency and sustainability in all we do.

 We aim to make everything we do feel good for the SalTerrae community and the planet.

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