The SalTerrae Story

With deep intimacy and playful sensuality in mind, we set out to create a line of intimate massage oils that are pure, unique and fun to use.

We wanted high-quality intimate oils that are pure and beneficial, as well as sustainable and erotic.


Inspired by our vision of a well-balanced, amazing oil, we mixed and tested different aphrodisiac essential oils, base oils and the addition of broad spectrum hemp extract oil.

After some playful trials, we found a deep connection to the mix of MCT oil with broad spectrum, hemp oil. The smoothness of MCT oil combined with the awakening effects of broad spectrum hemp felt like just the right foundation for enhancing intimacy.

To deliver a consistent product, we partnered with one of the best broad spectrum hemp extract oil manufacturers in the country. Their hemp is organically grown, non-GMO, third party tested, GMP compliant, and does not contain heavy metals, pesticides, microbials or mycotoxins. Learn more about our broad spectrum hemp. (Certificate of Analysis - Regulatory Compliance Testing)

With the assurance of pure ingredients and full transparency, we were set free to create the perfect mixture of scents, terpenes and flavonoids to create each of the unique SalTerrae intimate oil experiences: Allure, Desire and Passion.

SalTerrae is a family founded, collaborative company, with a deep passion for togetherness and inspiring collective wellbeing in everything we do. We are committed to bringing joy, fulfillment and intimacy to everyone.

“I’d say the single most amazing part of SalTerrae is the people who’ve embraced my  journey. There are so many talented people that are now part of SalTerrae. I’m so grateful.”
Holly Fortier, Owner/President


SalTerrae Intimate Oils Encourage:
  • Blood flow
  • Awakened senses
  • Enhanced pleasure
  • Playful bliss
  • Deep relaxation
  • Fulfilling connections
How do you use SalTerrae Intimate Oils?

All of our intimate oils are topical and are intended for long and pleasurable use. Blissful sensations can be felt immediately with intensity levels increasing with time.

Suggested Enjoyment of SalTerrae Intimate Oils:

  • Use topically to awaken your senses
  • Gently shake bottle before each use
  • Apply and massage 2+ sprays onto preferred area
  • Blissful sensations can be felt immediately
  • Intensity heightens through long and loving use
  • Enjoy fulfillment and pleasure on your own or with a partner