Our Founder

Holly Fortier, Founder

Holly Fortier


Holly is a mother and business visionary. With her family centered in her heart and a strong background in retail, she was inspired to create SalTerrae as a way to enhance intimacy into relationships with ourselves and others.

“We all need connection and my hope is that, my line will bring people closer to themselves and the people around them.”

Holly is driven by togetherness, sustainability and simple joys as she lives a balanced life on the New Hampshire seacoast. Through her passion, her life is filled with an abundance of joy.  Some of her many joys include family and friends, meditation, and taking long mindful walks. Holly’s fondest memories are sitting by a fire at their family’s lake house, feeling the warmth and glow, while loons sing in the background.  These are just a few things that light up Holly’s heart.

On spreading joy:

Not only does Salterrae bring me joy personally, but I believe in it so much because it can bring joy into other lives as well. Life is all about little joys and this is truly one of them - it really is a mood booster.

On intimacy:

Intimacy to me, is a sense of nearness that touches your very being. It is a deeper connection with yourself and others. Intimacy is a language all of its own… perhaps no words even. Just knowing and understanding each other's wants and needs, as well as your own is an act of being intimate. It is being selfless, loving and respecting towards yourself and others.