When we look back to the beginning of 2020, we see a year of big plans, big dreams and big desires.

Graduations, promotions, business launches, family trips, getting outside more, connecting more, being together -- the list could go on for pages.

We were inspired and motivated and then, everything shifted.

With the spread of a pandemic, the plans and dreams were put on hold, or, took much different shape than we expected.

For those who are able, quarantining and social distancing have become the routine. 

For others it’s being on the front lines, caring for the affected and vulnerable, day in and day out. 

For many, it looks like fighting a social and cultural revolution, in the streets and beyond.

No matter where we’ve individually been this year, the pandemic has brought many moments of collective fear, insecurity and uncertainty, while also asking us to push our capacity for empathy, compassion and true understanding of each other.

This year has given us opportunities to see the humanity in our communities -- local and global -- in order to offer safety, security and sustained change.

This year has given us opportunities to see ourselves in others -- in those more vulnerable and less privileged -- so we can make intentional decisions for equity and our collective health.

This year has also given us many reminders to continue feeling joy, happiness, and pleasure.

But, even as a company that strives to bring higher levels of happiness, well-being and fulfilment into people’s lives, we struggle at times to let those feelings flow. It can be challenging to focus on pleasure and intimacy when it feels like there is so much suffering and disconnection.

When we find ourselves caught in a downward spiral, we remind ourselves of a few things: 

  1. It is in the joy, happiness and pleasure we find true connection and solutions
  2. Slowing down, resting and reconnecting to ourselves is crucial to the well-being of the collective
  3. Pleasure can be simple: the smell of something pleasant, a quick phone call with a loved one, a slow walk outside
  4. Self-care is not selfish
  5. Cultivating intimacy in our closest relationships brings us joy, happiness and pleasure

Every time we revisit this list, it strengthens the SalTerrae vision to help all beings create space to cultivate deep intimacy with themselves and others -- especially during times of uncertainty -- one bottle at a time.

How do you stay connected to joy, happiness and pleasure during times of uncertainty?