With play and intimacy in mind, we created a line of intimate oils that are age and gender inclusive. 

Our oils are formulated to be used in an explorative fun way, to bring sexual pleasure and deep intimacy into people’s lives. 

With our pure broad spectrum hemp extract and organic food grade ingredients, our oils have a silky smooth texture that ignite your senses and encourage sensual play. 

  • Apply topically to intimate areas for a silky and smooth effect that excites intimate areas. 

  • To create and maintain a gentle glide that enhances the sensual experiences. 

  • Food grade & GRAS standard make our oils kiss & lick friendly. (Avoid eyes).

  • Sensation building due to the organic aphrodisiac essential oils when applied to intimate areas. (Women and men tried and approved).

  • Stronger orgasms reported by many users. (Will vary from person to person).

  • Increased pleasurable sensations in the most intimate of areas by enhancing blood flow due to our broad spectrum hemp extract and ylang ylang essential oil.

Some Fun SalTerrae Q&A (Asked By Our Users)

Q) How do you use SalTerrae oils? 

A) Rub anywhere and everywhere on your body or your partner’s body. Front, back, side, and yup even, down there ;). Just avoid the eye area.

Q) What if it gets into my mouth? 

A) We anticipated that could happen since they’re intimate sensual oils. Food grade oils and GRAS standard are a key component in our formulations. Essential oils are for topical use, but not to stress if you happen to kiss or lick a body part that has some on.

Q) If I tend to be dry during sex, will your intimate oils help? 

A) Oh yeah...Our oils can enhance self lubricating and heighten sensation on non-lubricating body areas.  SalTerrae oils are a silky smooth mix of MCT oil with broad spectrum, zero-THC, hemp oil. The smoothness of MCT oil combined with the awakening effects of broad spectrum hemp are just the right foundation for enhancing intimacy. Give it a try ;) 

Q) Will I experience any physical sensation with SalTerrae oils? 

A) Yes! Allure has a slight warming and cooling sensation. Passion has a slight warming sensation. Both are very tantalizing. Sensations will vary from person to person.

Q) Will my orgasm be stronger? 

A) Everyone is different but broad spectrum oil has been known to help increase pleasurable sensations in the most intimate of areas by enhancing blood flow. (Of current SalTerrae oil users, the answer is yes).